website for hotel

Hotel Website

Exclusive design based on detailed information that any hotel needs in order to describe and promote services such as room descriptions, photographs, amenities. It provides the best user experience to your visitors with online booking possibility, supporting all online payment methods and also has an offline payment option. You can easily control all the information in your website, change the pricing, set additional rates per service or per person, make special offers and provide discounts. There is also a review section, where your guests can share their experience in your hotel.

hotel online

Hotel Online

Functional and effective website, with many different display options, guestbook where someone can write a review about his stay, availability search for reservation based in dates and FAQ page, which is very helpful for every traveler. It also supports all online payment methods and has an offline payment option too. You can easily add to your website offers, discounts, post daily events and happenings and change your rates anytime. 

Template for hotel website

Template For Hotel Website

Fully informed website with many features.

It is an alternative solution for hotels, without the necessity of online payments. Visitors can make a reservation based on arrival/departure dates and accommodation type and be efficiently informed about the hotel and its location, the rooms and all extra services. You can change your text content, color or style anytime quick and easy.

hotel website

Website For Hotel 

Elegant website also made for hotels without the need of online payments.

Impressive design with slide homepage pictures for immediate promotion of your services, direct reservation option and guest testimonials section. You can add special offers, events or any other information and edit your entire website’s content anytime.

web Development

WordPress software provides websites based on modern design and functionality, which is the key factor for a successful web development and advertisement. It combines short code snippets and elements which allow a high level of customization and makes modification really easy.

All banners and slide displays are designed specifically for touch screens and for a quick and efficient orientation, the menu stays up when visitor scrolls down. There is also the option to embed videos, which is necessary for some business.

All templates are mobile friendly and can be adjust to every screen size for a pleasant, simple and fast navigation, factors that challenge every visitor to stay longer in your website. 

Preview all samples and get the opportunity to see how your business can look like with WordPress templates. Choose among different patterns and styles which combine attractive appearance and functionality.

All our templates can be adjusted to your kind of business, according to your needs and your personal taste.